Best web design companies. Website creation Services in Kenya 2017.

Website Design Companies in Kenya

The Best Web Design Company in the World

We all love best website designs.

You need a serious website.

Not just a website but the finest website that can make you money.


Why you need a website

Before creating this website and my other websites, I was making money. I could make money by solving engineering problems or by working for some companies.

But guess what?

When my website went live, I made ten times more profits, quit my job and concentrated on creating a global audience through e-commerce websites.


So, here is why you need a website:

The future of business is online

You need a larger market share

You want to make more profits

You want to make money online

Your competitors are already doing so


"When you have a website, the whole world becomes your customer and your profits have no limits."


But… Who are we?

My name is Danvas Kegesa. I am the founder and CEO of Cute Online Money. I make my full living online through ecommerce websites and by helping individuals and businesses break even.  As the name suggests, the company is about creating an online presence and making money. Before creating this company, I studied the global trends and I realized that everything was suddenly turning to the internet.

Today, learning, shopping, socializing, communicating, loving and even cooking takes place in the internet.

What does this mean?

It means that everybody who is serious about the growth of their brand must create a website.

That is not all:

If you don’t have a website, your competitors shall overtake you one time (assuming that they have not yet) and your business shall not compete favourably. You shall make losses and chicken out.


Let’s take the example of Amazon. Amazon is just an online supermarket. Although it was established many years later than Walmart and Target, it is the largest online store in the world. Reason? It established the internet business, focussing on the world as the customers instead of limiting itself to the local American population.


A website helps you create a worldwide customer base and open up for infinite opportunities.

Without a website, you have a limited market. Your brand cannot shout enough to be heard globally.

Here is the catch:

You have expressed that you already need a website.

This indicates that you want to move forward and dance with the rhythm of the ever changing global business environment.



If you are looking for the “best web design company in Kenya”, which can design you the smartest responsive website, enable you attract visitors, take your brand to the next level and make good money, then you are at the right place.

Professional web designers

We give you many years’ wed design experience bundled as a unit. We know what to do and how to do it.

Competitive Analysis

We research your competitors and give you something better than what they have. You win and beat them.  

High Quality Websites

Regardless of your design, we give you superior quality websites. High speed and fully operational designs.

Free Web Design Services

Yes. You read it right. This is no brainer! We can deliver website design services freely or at the lowest prices.

Quick Turnaround/ Delivery

Do you want your website completed fast? That is exactly what we do. Why not go ahead and order from us?

Content Management

We make it simple for you to add content to your website. You don’t need programming or web design skills to do this!

SEO ready websites

We optimize your website to start receiving traffic immediately. Very light, very beautiful, very fast and SEO-friendly.

E-commerce-ready Websites

If you want, we shall help you start selling things online immediately. We help you make money online on delivery.

Customer Support

We are here at your disposal to help you run your website. In case of any technical hitches, contact us. We’ll be right there.


For you to determine the best website design company, you must consider a number of factors. Don’t just look at the design and portfolio alone, consider the following characteristics:

Award-Winning Design

Any company which purports to create you a nice website should have an intuitive and responsive web design to begin with.

Furthermore, some of their web designs in their portfolio must reflect award winning designs.

The websites must be responsive in all formats. You don’t need a separate website for desktops, mobile phones and tablets. For instance, responsive websites do well in search engine results pages.

The design should be all fitting to all devices at all times.

The best way of gauging a web design company is by checking the design of its website.

That is not all:

Innovative Approach

Web design technology tends to be outdated after a short time. You should consider the technology your web designers use in their portfolio. Be free to ask questions and conduct an in-depth study.

A good web design company will keep on maintaining their clients’ websites regularly to keep pace with changing technology.

Remember that even the finest web design technologies become outdated after a few years.

Make sure that your web design agency of choice uses cutting edge ideas that remain fresh, unique and satisfactory at the present time.

Having a visual website is good. Visual appeal should not beguile you into thinking that a website if great. Get a trailblazer website design.

Expansive Portfolio

The best web design companies should have a wide range of past work.

A web design firm needs to showcase their work to you. The work showcased should be from various industries.

For instance, designing an ecommerce website is not enough to guarantee that I can design a one page website. Designing for the construction company may not necessarily mean that I can design a cool website for a school.

You get the point.

In web design business, you should embrace diversity.

Leading web design companies know how to design websites for all businesses and individuals according to your needs.  

If you need a website, be sure to ask for samples!

Track Record of Success

Excelling in web design is not enough.

Best web design companies should show a track record of success.

They should show how their customers have been satisfied over the years.

This may be counterchecked by searching online for reviews from legit customers.

While at it, be sure to look out for self-published reviews!

Testimonials are an excellent way of determining success. Happy clients must speak out.

You can also track the popularity of any website by checking its traffic score.

A web design company which purportedly offers search engine optimization solutions should be seen to rank high for certain keywords.

It should also have many people looking for the services.

It should rank higher in search engine results pages.

Company Growth

We all agree that successful businesses grow.

The best web design company in the world must also grow.

When choosing the best web design company, be sure to look at the year the company was established, its growth record and its accomplishments.

Any company whose graph drops indicates that it is losing clients.

This means that it is not meeting the clients’ expectations, otherwise, it should grow.

Positive signs of growth and development should help you select a good web design agency.

However, bear in mind that the largest web design company is not necessarily the best.

Just before I tell you how to know the most suitable web design service for your business, I have compiled a list of some of the highly reputable companies in Kenya. In fact some appear when you search for "The Best Web Design Company in the US and Europe."

Extensive Services Offered

Web design is not enough. There are many services which are associated with web design.

The most notable ones include web hosting services, logo design, search engine optimization, writing for websites, copywriting, graphic design, email hosting, internet marketing, PPC management, interactive coding and many more.

Be sure to check out for companies which offer an all-inclusive service. They are the best.


Check out the services we deliver

Web hosting services

We partner with major world class web hosting providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround and WPEngine to solve your hosting needs cheaply. We also work with major website hosting services in Kenya.

Please note that you need to host your website near your target audience. Learn more about factors to consider when choosing web hosting.

Logo Design

Every successful brand has a nice logo.

Your website also needs a logo.

We provide logo designing services at affordable prices.

Search Engine optimization

For your online business to be found, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and many others need to know that your website exists. This is done through search engine optimizations (SEO).

SEO starts from choosing a domain name, web hosting, web design, web content and promotion.

We make your brand easily found by search engine spiders

No keyword staffing.

No black-hat SEO.

We deliver white hat SEO services which have already increased our online visibility.

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your content through social media is called social media marketing.

As part of our web design, we incorporate social media sharing buttons which help you in sharing your plain text, videos, photos and other types of content online.

That is not all:

We help in sharing your content to our ever-increasing fans on all social media platforms.

Since our web design includes calls to action buttons and boxes, subscribe and buy buttons for other businesses, we help your business grow by promoting it online.

We also create social media profiles for our clients and help in managing them if need be.

Graphic Design Services

We design all type of graphics according to your needs.

You can order two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics.


Website security services

As part of our web design services, we ensure that your website is secure.

However, if you have a hacked website, or if your website is compromised in any way, we help in cleaning the mess and restoring your website.


App development and Design

Website apps and mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular.

If you need apps, give us a shout and we shall be right there in a jiffy.

Website Content Writing Services

We are copywriting junkies.

All websites cannot exist without content.

Actually, you found this page because or content ranks well.

Search engines love our website, our clients love us and we love you.

We are old folks in website content writing services in Kenya.

We deliver content that attracts the readers, engages the readers and converts them into fans or customers.

Content Management System for Websites

We make it possible for you to access your website and edit any content.

If you don’t want to manage your content, we can do it for you.

Our main content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Many of our clients prefer WordPress since it is very simple to use, user-friendly, intuitive and SEO-ready.

Content Management System for Websites

We make it possible for you to access your website and edit any content.

If you don’t want to manage your content, we can do it for you.

Our main content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Many of our clients prefer WordPress since it is very simple to use, user-friendly, intuitive and SEO-ready.


Systematic Web Design – How it Works

This is what you expect when you order our web design services.

Our ordering system is simple. This is how it works:

You first fill a form requesting for web design or any other associated service.

We get in touch with you immediately to have an in-depth understanding of your needs.

We explain our vision for your company and give you a clear web design that meets your expectations.

You may suggest your website to look like any other website out there by giving us a link.

For example, you can say “I want my website to look like”  

Once you confirm your order by sending the payment, our professional web designing team shall deliver the website within the stipulated time.


Order web design and hosting services to join the list of our highly esteemed clients.

Top 13 Best Web Design Agencies in Kenya

There are many web designers in Nairobi Kenya. Some are based in other cities and towns as well.

We have just sampled out some of the services that we believe to be top notch. The top 13 are arranged alphabetically.

Blue Fountain Media

Conquest Capital Ltd

Cute Online Money

E Bits Online

Kenya Web Designers

Move Tech


One Design Company

Oracom Web Solutions

Peak and Dale

Razor Fish

Smart Web Kenya

Urban Creative


Where Does Cute Online Money Fall on the Top Web Design Companies List?

To know where we stand, you need to research this company with respect to other companies in the list.

To start you off, you should compare the following features: growth, establishment date, customer satisfaction, size and diversity of services.

With only one year since its establishment, Cute Online money has outranked several web design companies, even the ones which offer SEO services.

We are not the best judges to determine this case; the onus lies with the customer. We cannot be the best judge since we are also in the game.

After researching our competitors, we can comfortably say that we are among the best website design companies for small and large businesses in the world. Watch this space.

Want to get your website up and running as soon as possible? Contact us.


Do I Really Need a Website?

You may need either need a brand new website, an audit or a redesign. 

This is why you may need a website audit or a website redesign?

Your website looks unprofessional and substandard

Your website does not achieve what you want

Your website is poorly designed, cannot even attract visitors – even you.

Your website is not interactive

Your website is not responsive – does not display well on all devices

Your website has broken links, server errors and missing pages – e.g. page not found, error 404

Your website has never been updated for so long

Your website has ugly content and poorly optimized images

Your website has too much information like a book – it is not readable, cannot be scanned

 Your website is too slow – takes more than 2 seconds to load, turns visitors away.


If you said yes to any of the above, or if you need a brand new website, contact us using the form below.

We are waiting to hear from you.



We love you. We love hearing from you. Please fill this form and submit to contact us.



Cute Online money,




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