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Welcome to Cute Online money

My name is Danvas Kegesa. I am the Founder and CEO of CuteOnlineMoney.

The main aim of this blog is to train all interested people on "How To Make Money Online"


What I Can Do For You

I can teach you how to make money online:

To clients, I deliver the following solutions

Writing in-depth engaging blog posts about marketing and B2B topics, including (but not limited to):

Conversion rate optimization

Social media marketing

Marketing and writing tools


IT/Managed Services



Running a business



Content Marketing


Property management/real estate

Managed services/IT services

Email marketing

Content strategy


I use a data-driven approach in writing best blog posts including SEO (no keyword stuffing), WordPress uploading, screenshots, topic pitching, and links. I also hire an editor to edit and proofread my work.

Do you need services of best blog writers?

Do you need a website or any type of engaging content?

Do you live and breathe SEO and Digital Marketing?

Do you want engaging and converting content?

Whether you are an established business, a startup business or an individual, my custom content can catapult your online visibility and bring many visitors to your website asking for more.


You Can Get the Following Services at CuteOnlineMoney


Custom Writing Services:

Article Writing

Academic Writing

Business Blogging

Content Writing


eBook Creation

e-Newsletter Writing

Fiction Writing


Guest Blogging


Press Releases

Research Writing

Short Stories

Social Media Marketing


Design Services:

Web Design

Blog Design

Logo Design


Print Layout Design

Engineering Drawings


Other Media Designs

Marketing Services

B2B Marketing

B2C Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Coaching  and Training Services:

How to design a good website which will bring you money

How to design a converting and lead generating blog

How to make money online in any business

I use my expert knowledge, skills and personal experience to create content, optimize your website and ensure that several people set their eyeballs on your content.

I supercharge your conversion rates and generate leads for you by giving you the highest quality engaging articles.


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Are You Looking for High Quality & Reliable Business Blog Writing Services?

How to get clients for your business online

You are reading this because you need content that will make you more money.


Kegesa Danvas specializes in writing articles which will bring more targeted traffic to your business and convert your visitors into customers.


I basically use words to give you money.

I don’t just use any words; I use the right words at the right place.


Do you want evidence? I know yo want.

But Who is blogger Kegesa Danvas?


Kegesa Danvas Abdullah. Hire the Best blog writer in the world


Kegesa Danvas is a professional production engineer, blog content writer, copywriter, web designer and blogger. 


I am always ready to work with you to take your business to the highest level of profitability by creating engaging articles which attract visitors to your website and turn them into paying customers. 


I created this blog in February 8th 2017, but it came up when you searched.

How did I do it?

I designed this website within two days.

How did I outrank other services?

I understand what engaging content creation and marketing is all about.

I know the effects of “white hat SEO” and I can drive traffic to my blog through good content.

My blog started making me money barely a month after creation.

I want to do the same to your website and blog.

Shall you allow me to bring more visitors to your business?

If yes, fill the form below and contact me right away.



Why Should you Hire me as Your Professional Business Blogger?

I am a researcher: I research and pinpoint the best blog topics that can drive thousands of visitors to your website.


I am a marketer: As already mentioned, I designed this website from scratch, wrote content, marketed it and created social buzz within one month.

I am ready to do that and more for you.


I am a web designer: I can tweak your website to become suitable for search engines and your web visitors


I am an SEO expert: I write with SEO in mind, can optimize your content and use professional search engine optimization to rank your content above your competitors’


I am a fast learner: I can easily pitch blog topic ideas based on your target audience.


Visually aesthetic: I can format your content for easier and better readability


I am witty: I can use the necessary wits to engage with your audience and ensure they become loyal followers of your brand.


I am data driven: I create original blog articles, web and email copy based on industry data and not mere hearsay. Where necessary, I attach screenshots and evidence for all claims


I Create Amazing Headlines: I know how to choose titles that can get the attention of social media.


Free Editorial work: I hire an editor to proofread my work and ensure it is error-free and submit ready work. No costs on your side.


Social media sharing: I share all articles that have my byline on my social media following to create buzz.  




Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

Danvas sounds great!.... And probably expensive.

You are right.

My blog posts are not cheap.

They are not too expensive either.

We all know good things are not cheap, but “crappy” things are very cheap.

I charge high rates because I care about my work and your success A LOT.


I am obsessed with:

Conducting in-depth research

Working within stipulated deadlines

Delivering the best quality work

Getting the best results


So my blog posts typically cost…


Between $150-$400 each 


If you really want to invest in content which will help you turn your visitors and readers into customers, contact me.

Please fill this form, I am an email away


Does your Business Really Need a Website?

The Essence of Online Presence

First of all, does your company have a website?

We all agree that in this 21st century, every business that wants to succeed must have a website.

Your website is your online voice which passively introduces your brand to new customers while you are sleeping.

Even when you are busy, potential customers interact with your blog and website pages before making a purchase or that final call which closes a deal.

As you are busy running your business, you need to know that you need an online presence.


Stop and Think about it…


A website is a gateway to millions of customers from various parts of the world.

Without a website, you are basically limiting the number of customers reaching your business.


Sounds good? You need a website, click to order professional website design services.


If you already have a business, it is time to think whether your business leverages its full potential.

Let me ask you something about your current website or blog.

Do you have a blog on your website? If No, you are really losing a lot of money!

Do you make any direct sales from your blog?

Is your blog boosting your website traffic?

Are your blog’s articles liked or shared virally on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn?

Are you getting real and new leads from your current blog?

Is your blog generating enough visits to your products page?

Do you have a dedicated team of bloggers who create engaging content for your target audience?

If you answered “No” to any of the questions above, you need to talk to me about my professional blogging services.


Does My Business Need a Blog?

You may be asking “Why do I need a blog for my business or my company”?

Yes, your blog certainly needs a blog.


The best time to create a blog or website for your business is during its incorporation.


The next best time to design a blog for your company is NOW.


Having a blog is more than hiring an employee who works 365/24/7 creating new leads, answering questions and interacting with customers.


A blog is more than 500 customer care representatives or sales representatives talking with potential customers and closing leads.


A blog can effectively handle thousands of visitors without needing a break, without getting tired, without getting paid, every time!


The best thing about it, you can have professional business bloggers create engaging evergreen content once and for all for your business.


Highly experienced blogging professionals are indispensable.

Here are other reasons why you need the best blog for your company


A blog is a simple platform for sharing information with your customers


A blog fuels search engine optimization enabling your brand to be known


A blog is easy to start, it can be completed within one day


Businesses which run blogs get more customers


Your blog enables you to socialize with your customers through interaction, comments and feedback.


Your blog creates new customers when its content is shared


Your blog gives your company a distinct voice in the market


A blog displays you as an authority in your niche


A blog enhances customer trust


Blogging enables customers to give you product feedbacks


Blogging helps in sharing your expertise


All or most of your competitors have a blog and they may take a larger market share if you avoid blogging.


Blogging is fun and something that you must do in this age and era


Having a blog helps you think ahead of your competitors


A blog will always keep you focused on the best marketing strategies


A blog gives you free public relationship


It builds confidence and boosts sales


A blog sharpens your business focus


A blog answers most of the frequently asked questions from your customers


A blog eliminates the need for advertisement and cut on costs


Blogs are effective marketing strategies for businesses


A blog gives you deep insights into your audience making their specific needs apparent.


A blog allows criticism which helps in achieving higher quality standards and customer satisfaction


A blog inspires more creativity


Search engines like Google love great blogs, they index blog pages.


Corporate blogging quickly spreads the latest industrial ideas and tips


Many customers buy products based on recommendations they get from blogs


Don’t miss out on having a reliable blog in your website.




How often should your business write blog articles?

It is good practice for businesses to write engaging content for their readers at least thrice a month.

Failure to engage your readers may cost your business.


N/B: Business owners who are serious about profits hire best business blog writing services and turn their website visitors into paying customers.


Blog Article Writing Services

Blogging is compulsory for any business which wants to succeed.


Are you looking for a reputable and reliable writer with a proven track record of writing high quality articles?


Do you want articles that can boost you’re your web traffic and secure you more customers?


Are you in need of an experienced corporate blogger?

You are at the right place.


As an expert business blogger, I am always ready to work with you and take your business to the highest level of profitability. 


Time is money

Ordering custom articles is simple.

All you have to do is to fill an online form and specify the details about the project.

You should also provide a link to your website and send the payment.

That's all.


I shall research and complete the work within the required time.


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