How to make ksh 5000 daily in Kenya

How to Make Ksh. 5000 Daily in Kenya Online

The article in brief (This is how to Make Ksh. 5000 Daily in Kenya Online)

  1. Register for an affiliate link here 
  2. Get your affiliate link and customize it
  3. Start promoting your link by inviting potential users of the product
  4. Make Ksh. 5,000 for every 10 referrals (You earn Ksh. 500 per referral)
  5. Repeat the process for other products and continue making money from the comfort of your location (while maintaining your daily ventures)

Learn How to Make 5,000 KES daily in Kenya

Remember that if you make Ksh. 5k per day in Kenya, you’ll be among the highest paid Kenyans.

Statistics indicate that only 10% of Kenyans earn more than Ksh. 70k.

So, how can I make Ksh. 5k daily in Kenya online?

Thank you for asking.

Step 1: Know the requirements

Traditionally, people earned by referring customers to a business.

Even now, Matatu touts sell customers at various sections of the roads, which they claim that they own (even if they don’t)

To make money online, you should know that the online world works just like the ordinary world

One time, I was lost in Nairobi, and I decided to ask a certain man for direction.

He gave me directions, and later his invoice. He asked for only Ksh. 200 for giving me directions.

Such a person can make a lot of money if he meets several people asking for direction.

You can become an online referrer.

And it may only take less than one hour of your day.

Here are the things you need to start making at least Ksh. 5,000 per day online:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Consistency and a little patience
  • Integrity: People follow instructions from the ones they trust.

Step 2:Know People and Build Trust

Sales and marketing is all about people.

You must know people.

That’s why you should create social media profiles and connect with as many people as you can.

Have you ever wondered why some social media pages have millions of fans, and why some Facebook posts have thousands of comments while others have one like?

The more you connect with people and help in solving their problems, the more they’ll trust you and your products.

This website came into being because several people used to approach Kegesa Danvas to teach them how to make money online.

He had to document the steps he followed for other people to follow too.

And it has grown into something bigger.

Should you accept all Social Media Connection Requests?


You need all people.

Even if some are your friends, and others are strangers, you need to connect with everybody.

That’s how strangers become friends, spouses, customers, or even business partners.

Step 3: Find a Product

You need a product to succeed.

If you don’t have a product, stop stressing yourself.

You can sell other people’s products and make money.

Your ideal product should be something that solves the pain points of many people.

For instance, the courses listed on this website help in equipping people with entrepreneurial knowledge that can change their financial state.

What now

Choose one course and promote it to the person who needs it most.

For instance, if you know a jobless gradate who wants to make money, you can recommend the online writing masterclass.

Step 4: Sell the Product

To make good money, you must sell a product.

Unlike physical products, the main advantage with online products is storage.

You don’t touch anything.

Your work is to get your referral link, and send to your friend who needs it.

Once the friend clicks on the link and purchases the product, you get your money.

You can send the same link to as many people as you have (sending to more people is directly proportional to the income you’ll generate)

Step 5: Earn 5,000 Online Daily

Grab your referral link.

Send to your friends.

Promote to anybody who needs it.

Make money.

That is simpler than going to government offices to get a license to open any kind of shop.

Step 6: Repeat the Process for Other Products

You are not limited to products on this website.

You can become a Jumia affiliate, an Amazon affiliate, or an affiliate of any other product.

In some cases, you may get more than Ksh. 5,000 through one sale.

For instance, if you promote Bluehost, you earn $65 for every person you refer to the service.

Step 7: Create Your Product

One you earn enough money, you can create your dream product and operate as you wish.

Remember that there is always a starting point for every business.

Use the path of least resistance to build up enough capital to jumpstart your ideal business.

Almost all businesses need writing, and sales and marketing skills.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Possible to Make Kshs 5,000 in Kenya Today?

Are you wondering how you can make Kshs 5,000 in a day?

This could be because you want to pay school fees or rent, buy food, pay debts or go out to drink with friends (Because why not?)

Making Kshs. 5000 per day – today – in Kenya is not that easy and neither is it too hard. There are people who make more than that per hour!

So, how can you do it?

First, let us see how to break the Kshs. 5,000 down using the basic first principles.

Rule 1: There is nothing for something!

To play the game of making money, you need the following.

  • Identify a Problem: Something that the society wants (Quick money, Gossip news, Love, More time…)
  • Create a product or service: You have to cater to the needs of your market in order to make money.
  • Make an offer: Sell a product or service to your target audience.
  • Make money: By creating value or solving a pain point you will get rewarded with money
  • Repeat!

How to make Kshs. 5000 Today

To make any amount of money, you have to give something in return. It could be a product, service or your time. The fastest way if you don’t have personal skills would be to sell a product or service. I that case, you need a source of money (A business or an individual).

Now let us look at the possibilities of making Kshs 5,000 in a day.


Examples of How to Make 5,000 Per Day in Kenya

To make 5,000 Kenya Shillings daily, you need to sit and employ simple mathematics.


If your daily activity gives you  say Ksh. 100, how can you multiply this to become 5,000?

You must multiply your effort by 50.

If you’re just starting out, you need the following mathematical model.

To make Ksh. 5,000, you need:

  • 5,000 products each of which gives you Ksh. 1 profit.
  • 2,500 products each of which gives you Ksh. 2 profit.
  • 1,250 products each of which gives you Ksh. 4 profit.
  • 1,000 products each of which gives you Ksh. 5 profit.
  • 500 products each of which gives you Ksh. 10 profit.
  • 250 products each of which gives you Ksh. 20 profit.
  • 200 products each of which gives you Ksh. 25 profit.
  • 100 products each of which gives you Ksh. 50 profit.
  • 50 products each of which gives you Ksh. 100 profit.
  • 25 products each of which gives you Ksh. 200 profit.
  • 10 products each of which gives you Ksh. 500 profit. (This is the sweet spot for digital products – More on this later)
  • 5 products each of which gives you Ksh. 1,000 profit.
  • 2 products each of which gives you Ksh. 2,500 profit.
  • 1 product which gives you Ksh. 5,000 profit.

All shops operate on the same principle.

They stock hundreds or thousands of products each of which brings a certain amount of profit.

For instance, if a bread seller receives each loaf of bread from the wholesaler at Ksh. 45, he has to sell 500 loaves at Ksh. 55 daily to make a profit of Ksh. 5000 (Assuming there are no additional costs).

That is why small-scale shopkeepers must stock different types of products to achieve a specific profit margin (This is where you must start)

So, you must determine how much you want to make per day.


Another Example of numbers leverage

Sweet manufacturers know that the price of one sweet is about Ksh. 1.

They must sell millions of sweets (since sweets are cheap and highly demanded) to make profit.

And by the way manufacturers of sweets make insane profits per day.


How to Make Your 5000 Today


Cute Online Money is an e-learning platform that allows you, and any willing person to learn and acquire knowledge that can help in earning extra money.

Currently, you can make Ksh. 5,000 by referring only 10 people to take a course that can change their lives.

Both you and your referral shall benefit. You’ll earn 500 for every referral that enrolls to a paid course, and the referral shall gain knowledge that is guaranteed to bring results.

Many people are underpaid because they don’t enhance their practical knowledge and skills.

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