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Academic Writing Masterclass is the only Academic Writing Training Course for Beginners and advanced users you’ll ever need.

This comprehensive academic writing course is specifically formulated to teach you the ins and outs of academic writing.

Whether you’re starting or you are a pro, you’ll find this course indispensable in your academic writing pursuits.

For beginners, you’ll learn everything that can help you become an expert academic writer.

As an intermediate or expert academic writer, you can use the course to refresh your writing skills, or even use the templates and samples to make your work easier.

The Academic Writing Training Course in Brief

On successful completion of this course, you’ll know everything pertaining to academic writing including:

  • Definition of academic writing
  • The rules governing academic writing
  • Plagiarism in academic writing and how to correct and avoid it
  • Academic writing styles: APA, MLA, CMS and Harvard formats.
  • Parts of premium academic assignments
  • Common types of academic papers and how to write, format, edit and proofread them correctly
  • How to write compelling academic papers that attract grade A results
  • Credible reference sources for academic papers
  • The correct way of referencing academic papers
  • Preparing add-on pages like cover pages, headings, outlines, abstracts, list of tables and figures, executive summaries, and tables of contents, appendices.
  • Preparing academic papers for submission: Proofreading, formatting and editing academic papers
  • Important academic writing tools you must have like Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Grammarly, Google Scholar, etc.
  • How to apply your academic writing knowledge practically

FAQs about this academic writing training course

1. Who is this academic writing training course for?

The course is for everyone who needs to know academic writing, preferably college students, university students and freelancers who want to learn academic writing.

All students pursing Masters and Doctoral degrees need this course to guide them in their thesis and dissertation writing process.

All people who want to become academic writers and make money online.

2. Why is this the best academic writing course?

If you browse online, you won’t find any other academic writing course that offers the scope of the course material offered here.

In some places, you may find a short course on plagiarism, APA, MLA or essay writing, but never a complete course. Better still, this course is cheap because it costs a fraction of other market offers.

3. What are the benefits of academic writing?

Academic writing enables you to write academically-sound papers that can be recognized anywhere in the world.

You learn how to write various types of paper.

Academic writing training is an important skill that helps in all types of writing.

You learn how to avoid plagiarism and other types of academic writing mistakes.

You gain practical skills of handling any type of academic assignments done n institutions of higher learning.

The knowledge gained can be used in writing business documents like application letters, scholarship essays and motivation letters.

You earn money as an academic writer.

4. How can I pay for the academic writing course?

You can use PayPal, MPesa, Skrill, Bank Transfer and virtually any modern payment method.

Please contact us if you encounter any problem while purchasing any of our courses.

5. What happens when I pay using any method listed here?

After paying, you are enrolled in the course automatically.

If you use Mpesa, we can add you to the course immediately.

6. Do you offer discounts for the academic writing course?

The price is already discounted to allow all people to enroll.

You’ll get value for your money.

7. If I have friends who may be interested in learning about academic writing, can I refer them?


You can register as an affiliate and send them your link so that you can be paid $5 for every referral.

It is possible to work as our affiliate and earn passive income for all referrals.

8. How long does the academic writing training course take?

The academic writing training course take as long as you want because it is a self-paced one.

You may decide to learn full-time in which case you’ll take a few days, or learn slowly for months.

It’s advisable to learn and implement every knowledge gained for maximum impact, and to enhance your skills.

Many students take one month to comprehend academic writing.

However, if you study full-time, you may take less than a week.

9. What if I feel that academic writing is not for me, can I have my money back?

Yes. We offer a money-back guarantee if you hate what you get.

Many students find our academic writing training invaluable (extremely useful).

However, you can have your money back, or choose another course of the same amount if you change your mind, or find it unsuitable for you.

10. Can I contact the course instructor if I have questions on the course?

Yes. You have a one hour credit of free consultation with the course instructor for each course.

You can use the time the way you want.


11. Why should I take the course?

The return on investment is high: You’ll acquire the skills and earn more than the fees.

Your writing skills improve, setting you for success in all types of writing.

You can take the course regardless of your location since it’s delivered online.

Enroll now to access the academic writing training course.

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