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Where can I get the best academic writing training services in Kenya?

How much can I make as an academic writer?

Should I pursue online academic writing?

How can I get started as an academic writer in Kenya?


You already know that academic writing is one of the most lucrative jobs in Kenya, most probably.

This article informs you everything you need to know about the best academic writing training services in Kenya and how to start earning as an academic writer.


How much can you make as an academic writer in Kenya?

The sky is the limit.

While national statistics show that only 10% of Kenyans earn above Ksh. 70,000, serious academic writers can earn more than that amount.

The best part is this: You too can start earning a decent income if you acquire the academic writing skills.


What is academic writing

Academic writing, also called scholarly writing, is formal non-fiction writing of papers or documents submitted at learning institutions.

Any kind of work that is written or presented as part of high school, college or university education is considered as academic work.


What does academic writing entail?

Academic writing entails writing all kinds of academic papers.

The main type of academic papers include:

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Research papers
  • Thesis proposals
  • Dissertation proposals
  • Course works
  • Reflection papers
  • Research projects
  • Article critiques
  • Journal articles
  • Term papers
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Mathematical assignments
  • Any other academic assignments not listed here like PowerPoint presentations.

How is academic writing different from other types of writing?

Good question.

One day, you may wake up feeling like a typewriter and write a long Facebook post which ends up getting viral.

While your Facebook post may attain a high level of recognition amongst Facebook users, your post may not be recognized as a good academic paper.


Academic writing follows distinct rules.

Here are a few characteristics of academic writing that you may need to know.


Characteristics of academic writing

1. It is evidence based – Academic work derives its juices from recognized academic work completed by other scholars. Academic writing relies on peer-reviewed sources, rigorous research and works approved by the discourse community.

2. It is precise – Academic writing is sharp and to the point.

3. It s original – All academic papers must be unique and original. This means that you can’t copy and paste somebody’s work from the internet and present it to your supervisor for marking.

4. It is formal – Academic writing uses formal language. Your slang and informal phrases have n place.

5. It follows distinct styles – Academic writing employs citation styles (referencing styles). You need to learn various academic writing styles to write a standard academic paper

6. It has a reset layout – All standard academic papers have a specific layout. For instance, a typical academic paper has a cover page, introduction page, body, conclusion and references page.

7. It uses the boring long form of words – Academic writing demands that you write full words without contacting them.

We all know that it’s simpler to speak than to write

We all know that it is simpler to speak than to write

8. It never forgives typos and grammatical errors – This article is full of errors and grammatical mistakes which can get penalized if it were an academic paper.

9. It employs different writing styles. You’ll discover that academic writing for mathematics papers is different from philosophy and social studies assignments.


The need for the best academic writing training service

All college and university students need to learn how to write great academic papers.

If you also want to provide academic writing help to students and other scholars for pay, you must master the academic writing process and know how to create great academic papers.

You may decide to homeschool yourself about academic writing or get help from experts who have adequate experience in the field.

It s cheaper and easier to learn from experts than to grope in the dark trying to locate any leads.

You can enroll in the Best Academic Writing Training Course in Kenya and learn from academic writing gurus.


Can I learn academic writing by myself?


But with limitations.

You may end up like the proverbial freshman who  spent ages looking for Psychology books in the sea of Engineering manuscripts.


The main advantages of purchasing the academic writing training course

  • You get faster results
  • You get guidance from experts in the field.
  • You get motivation to work harder when you hear others’ achievements
  • You get connected to jobs
  • You get guidance and help in opening academic writing accounts
  • You work with great people and become greater than them
  • There’s something right with staying closer to mentors

What do I need to become  successful freelance academic writer?

You are already qualified if you have read up to this point.

Here are some of the important things that you need.

  • A working computer
  • Internet connection
  • Time to learn
  • Willingness to learn
  • The desire to implement knowledge and acquire skills

Can I make sustainable income from academic writing?

It depends on the knowledge, skills and experience that you have.

And the ability to practice what you know.

Let’s say one page of original academic content is worth Ksh. 350 or even Ksh 250.

According to the laws of mathematics, and assuming that you’re the least paid academic writer, you’ll need 10 pages to make at least Ksh 2500 daily on the lowest.

That’s where your typing experience, analytical skills and research skills come in.

If you can learn faster, research faster, type faster and deliver premium quality work, you can earn more.



How does academic writing business work?

It’s true, there are thousands of people that are living luxurious lives derived from academic writing.

I know you may know a few.

Those are the kinds of individuals who took their time to study how academic writing works, and created a business out of it.

Here is the gist.

There are thousands of websites that post academic writing jobs.

You need to know the rules of academic writing before owning and operating one.

Such websites pay as much as Ksh. 3000 per page (about 275 words) of academic work

As an academic writing entrepreneur, your work is to know how to write perfect academic papers, create an academic writing account and hire writers to work for you.

Suddenly, you’ve become an employer, and not a job seeker.

Assuming you earn between Ksh 500 and Ksh. 2000 per page from a writing account, you can pay your writers their dues and still remain profitable.

Such knowledge is not found in books.

It is found in the best online writing courses.

And premium ideas are not free.

That is why we’re offering you a complete training on academic writing in Kenya for only Ksh. 3000.


Why should I pay for an academic writing course?

There are thousands of jobless university graduates in Kenya and all over the world.

Let’s calculate how much it takes to gain university education.

School fees per year – Ksh. 200,000

Travelling – Ksh. 10, 000

Accommodation per year – At least Ksh. 20,000

Your catering needs – At least Ksh 20,000

Environment – Tempting campus lifestyle

Skills gained – 1 skill

Duration 4 to 6 years.

Salary – Jobless.


Here is what academic 

School fees – Ksh. 3,000

Accommodation – Nill

Travel – Nill

Environment  Comfort of your home

Skills gained – Numerous (Research, writing, saving, entrepreneurship, investment)

Duration – Less than a month.

Salary – At least Ksh. 50,000 per month


Acquiring a skill has the greatest Return on Investment (ROI).

Academic writing training course curriculum

  • Introduction to academic writing
  • Research Approach For Academic Papers
  • Plagiarism: The Writing Monster
  • Rues of Academic Writing
  • Academic Writing Styles
  • Parts Of Academic Papers
  • Academic editing And Proofreading
  • APA Writing Style
  • MA Writing Style Guide
  • Harvard Writing Style Guide
  • Chicago Writing Style Guide
  • IEEE Writing Style Guide
  • AMA Writing Style Guide
  • ASA Writing Style Guide
  • Types Of Academic Assignments
  • Essays
  • Research Proposals
  • Research Papers
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Course Works
  • Case Studies
  • Thesis/Dissertation Proposals
  • Dissertations
  • Capstone Projects
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Project Reports
  • Literature Reviews (Review Papers)
  • Abstract
  • Mathematica Problems
  • Statistical Problems
  • Mind Maps
  • Concept Maps
  • Term Papers
  • Article Critiques
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Articles
  • Book Reports
  • Critique Papers
  • Executive Summaries
  • Formatting all types of Academic Papers

Benefits of Taking the Academic Writing Course

  • Unlimited access to important course materials
  • Get academic writing training from gurus
  • Start earning and kick the butt of joblessness
  • Get money to invest in a business of your choice, and pay debts
  • Learn from the comfort of your location
  • Work part-time or fulltime depending on your needs and financial motivation
  • Acquire a skill that can help you when going for further studies


Qualities of a good academic writer

How does a good academic writer look like?

The best academic writer looks like you. He or she is a regular college graduate with a knack for writing.

He likes writing.

Has a great command of English language.

Can write without spelling, tense, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

He knows how to write well.

And the writer can be male or female.

You got to manage time well because all academic writing assignments have a deadline that you must meet (Or get penalized).

So, if you are wiling to learn, get the training and start making money.


How can I start making money through academic writing without experience

You need to gain the knowledge, and then develop skills and gain experience.

From this page, click login at the top of your screen.

Now that you are new, you need to register as a new student to access the training packages.

Alternatively, you may click on the academic writing course, send the payment and start learning immediately.



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