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10 Signs That You Will Never Make Money Online

How to make money online from home

Cannot Make Money Online?

I am very bitter today.

I am bitter because every sign on you shows that you will not make any money online this year again.

I’m damn serious about this.

I have stopped what I was doing to save your coconut head (I also have one hell of a coconut head by the way).

Let’s get the real thing.


We all want to make good money as soon as possible to meet our unique daily needs (As if there is bad money, anyway).

Many diligent online workers can readily agree with me that you can make lots of money online.

However, there is a class of online freelancers whose chances of succeeding in their quest for money are almost zero.

Keep reading this article to discover 10 silly things which may insinuate that you will never make money online.

The list outlines critical mistakes which you could be making right now which are costing you your fortune.


  1. You want to try many ways of making money online at the same time as a beginner

Yes. Weird as it may sound, as a beginner, you cannot sustain numerous ways of making money online. It is easier and even better to select one or two specific methods of making money online and concentrate on them instead of trying to make money online 100 ways.

For example, if you can write good articles, you can enhance your skills in article writing and build your online income around article writing.

N/B: Choose the best way you want to make money online, learn everything about it like crazy and make it work.


  1. You are lazy and just wishing to make money online

There are high chances that you are among the people who search in Google for “How to make money online without doing anything”.

Forget about it.

There is nothing of the sort on this side of the sky my friend.

Making money online requires that you work smart and work hard. After establishing your online business, you can afford to look for lazier ways of making money.

N/B: Making money online requires some work and effort for a start before you can idle around and make money rain from the sky.

  1. You want to do what your successful friends are doing to make money online

This is a big one. You have no idea how your friends are making money online and yet you want to follow their steps! What if they are selling marijuana at night and pretending that they work online during the day?

My friend, working online requires that you pick one interesting thing, out of the many ways of making money online, and follow it with commitment.

Following what your friends are doing will only give you stress and even cost your life!

Read this real life testimony:

I used to work as an article writer with an essay writing company some time back. Those days, it was easier to open academic writing accounts and complete simple assignments and research work for some lazy scholars elsewhere (no pun intended) or people who were busy making serious money.

My friend came to my room and found that I had completed orders valued at $2,000 and I was working on orders valued at $1,500. He became jealous, went to this room, bought a lot of internet bundles and picked 5 urgent orders valued at $2,000.

He worked tirelessly on the sophisticated orders for three hours and started receiving messages and phone calls from the writing company that two of the orders were late.

In his haste, he delivered poor quality content and later than the stipulated deadline.

His account was suspended and then closed together with $400 he had worked for.

He started cursing and saying that it is impossible for normal people to earn good money online.

N/B: You can make a lot of money online if you follow your passion and grow gradually without necessarily being greedy or jealous.


  1. Making money online is not a get rich quick scheme

You realised that your friend worked his tail off working online and bought land or a car and now you want to try the same tricks.

You have failed to ask him how much money, effort and time he expended to get the achievement.

My friend let me assure you that working online is not a get rich scheme.

It is a nice investment which grows gradually. After all you didn’t grow overnight.

N/B: Making money online does not occur overnight. You can make money as early as one week into your online career but we all know that it takes persistence and time to get real money online.


  1. You are a blogger and you think your content is great enough to guarantee you making money online

You have been telling yourself

I have a nice blog, I have many Facebook, Twitter and Google-Plus followers but I am not getting any traffic to my website.

I have been liking, tweeting and plus-one-ing my posts but no subscribers or sales yet.

Do you know the real reason why people are not sharing, liking or even subscribing to your content? It is not great content but fluff mixed with your own thoughts.

Don’t think that what sounds great to you is great content to many other people. People are different out there.

You need to do a survey, know your audience and ask them questions about what content they want you to write about.

The best and cheapest way of knowing what is great for your audience is to find out what people ask in forums.

N/B: Get what your audience needs and give them exactly that; they will love you.


  1. You’re Not Interested in What You’re Doing Yet You Want to Make Money Online

Have you ever realised how hard it is to read book that you’re not interested in?

Imagine if you had to write such a boring book; will you enjoy?

If by now you haven’t convinced yourself of the best way of making money online, try and find one way.

Just search in google about ways of making money online, choose one that you love and keep moving.

Just because your friend writes articles about “proven ways of making a penis longer” or “There is no God” and gets paid $150 per article does not mean you can.

You may be given a chance to write the same article and then fail terribly either because your conscience does not allow you or simply because you don’t enjoy.

Personally, I cannot write an article stating that there is no God. I know that there is God, He lives, He cares for me and you, He shall come back again, He shall judge all of us. In fact, I am a Christian.  The bible says only fools deny the existence of God (Psalms 14: 1, Psalms 53:1).

Another example:

I enjoy creating websites. A website like this one took two days to create and it is giving me money.

You may also be good at content writing and not web design.

Knowing that, you should not kill yourself trying to create a website without the passion.

N/B: Do what you enjoy doing, your passionate thing.

If you are a blogger, choose an audience and topic that you’re truly interested in helping and writing about.


  1. You are doing it alone jealously and you want to succeed making money online

Some people, not you in this case, like succeeding alone.

They fail to understand the basic principle of unity of purpose.

If you behave like that, you will not grow. People assist you to make money online and not trees. They are the ones who advise and even purchase your commodities. Be social.

People who share ideas grow at a faster rate than the ones who keep it to themselves.

Imagine what could have happened if every invention was kept secret. Life could have become too miserable to bear.

Real life testimony:

A friend of mine knew about making money online earlier than me. When I asked him why he was always online with his computer, he told me that he was researching about life.

N/B: Share ideas about making money online with your friends.

Give positive criticism and correct each other so that we enhance growth of each other.

I am not bragging but I have helped many people make money online.

I appreciate what they say about me and what they do to me at times. Information is power; it is more powerful when shared at the right time and with the right people and right motive.



  1. You’re Not Selling Anything and You Want to Make Money Online

You need a commodity to make money online. A product can be in form of a service or goods.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, have a day job, or comfortable living outside, you’ll have to eventually make money from your blog if you are a blogger.

You can make money from your blog by selling ad space, writing paid reviews, or paid directory listings, selling your digital products or services or through affiliate marketing.

N/B: Get your commodity (goods or services) and sell them online to make money.


  1. You want everything for free online but you want to Make Money Online

Making money online may require some initial investment. Nobody should tell you that you can make money online without spending a dime.

In any case, we all know that time is money. Even the time you will take to do something online is money.

You have heard of people who spend up to $3000 buying freelance accounts of well-known freelance websites.

You have not thought of spending even $1 and now you want to compete with such guys who are making serious investments!

There is nothing for free period. Spend money, get more money online. You can even spend money buying a book on “How to make money online in 2017”.

If you cannot learn, life will teach you a hard lesson.

N/B: Spare some money and invest on making money online. I don’t want you to buy an academic writing account. Just buy even a notebook and a pen with which you’ll write serious matters about making money online.

You can even buy a domain name, get web hosting and put up a blog like this one. I did not get it for free; I invested a few coins.

You can also start making money online by utilizing what you have. For instance, you can start with your smart phone, laptop, desktop, modem, etc. and then progress gradually. You also need your time and commitment and of course, an internet connection which all cost money.


  1. You are not willing to learn anything new about making money online

You have a degree; you did right. Many poor people have degrees and when they hear about money, they tremble!

Stop and think!

Take a moment to think how much you have already spent on your education. Better still; think how much your parents have spent on your education since you don’t even have the cash I am talking about.

Most probably, you spent at least $1500 per year on your degree if at all you were in one of the few universities which pay the least amount of fees.

Worse still, your degree has not given you a job and that is why you want to work online.

That is not all!

I and many established freelancers are offering a guaranteed course on how to make money online at $20.

The course takes less than a month.

The course is a sure way of making you money.

The cause costs less than the airtime you use to borrow money and create more debts.

Instead of even going online and learning about “How to make money online”, you wait to ask your busy and well established freelancer friend.

This is a clear sign that you will really make less money or nothing at all online.

When I tell you to enroll, you say that I am wicked. You call me names and even curse me. But I keep earning money online anyway.


N/B: Grab all resources that come your way, make use of the internet and learn as much as possible any skill that will help you make money online.

By the way, I can teach you on how to make money online at a subsidised price.

I can also help you buy a domain name, design your website or blog, host your blog or website, set up your online business and teach you how to make money out of it.

If I can help you improve your life, I could have achieved the very essence of life. I am happy when we share and bear each other’s burdens, that’s why we’re here.

Take a step right now.

Enrol for lessons on:

How to create a blog

How to make money online

How to start a business

How to …


If you follow these simple and actionable N/B’s, you shall have money same time month instead of yawning and increasing your debts.


The Final Word For You about Making Money Online

It took me one hour to write this blog from my head.

If you can spare your time and write some good advice or even your romantic story on “how men approach me”, “how women hate me”, you can even sell it to magazines and newspapers.

I wrote this post to help you take notice of mistakes that you’re probably making right now.

I constantly learn from my mistakes and mistakes of other people.

I want you to know because I want you to change.

Once you’re aware, you can improve.

Success in making money online results from a long series of improvements.

N/B: For you to make real money online:

You should pick a specific area of specialization and become an expert in it, you can diversify after that

You must work hard and stop wasting your time in anything that does not matter.

You must do what you think is right without necessarily following what others and even your friends are doing.

You must desist from thinking that making money online is a get rich scheme and establish a solid actionable foundation

You must create great content based on your reader’s perspective if you are a blogger or a content writer.

You must do something you are passionate about, something you love.

You must engage other successful freelancers and business-persons who make money online and learn to share ideas and learn

You must get your own commodity (goods or services) as soon as possible and start selling it.

You must spend to make money online. Expenses may be in the form of time, money or other fixed assets.

You must be willing to learn and take extra classes to perfect your specific skills which will make you stand out and make money online.


Extras on Making Money Online

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The book lists more than 800 blogs, websites and magazines that pay writers good money for contributing written content, photos and videos. It may be a great starting point for you.

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What do you think? Did I miss any?

Let’s chat now. Share your story.

How can we help each other make money online?


Kegesa Danvas Abdullah is a professional Mechanical and Energy Engineer turned expert and passionate web designer, content writer, blogger, SEO specialist and content marketer. I am available for exciting and challenging work, connect with me.

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  • This is excellent. i have been feeling lazy about this whole issue of making money online. Thank you for the wake up call. THis is quite interesting.

  • Many times I find myself consuming free stuff online. It is really ironical that I like free things and yet I want other people to buy my products.

    • It is really important to get important lessons whether free or paid in order to enhance knowledge in various ways of making money online. There is a lot of information out there.

  • I have gone through your book. it is really a great resource about making money online through reading. I wonder how long it took you to compile it. Many thanks.

  • Thank you Danvas for yet another great post. I have read every word. I am so inspired never to give up.

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